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Mandolin Orchestra

Christian McKee
Musical Director
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In Memory of Bill Jordens

August 1, 1928 – July 29, 2018

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The Oregon Mandolin Orchestra has lost one of its original members, as well as the OMO’s link to American mandolin orchestra history. Bill Jordens, adept at both mandocello and mandolin, died at his Gresham home on July 29 – just three days short of his 90th birthday.




Our Performances

Music from Around The World

Experience Music Series at PCC


October 9th, 7:30  PM


Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus

 17705 NW Springville Road 
Building 3 / Forum

Portland, OR 97229 

Public concerts and lectures in conjunction with MUS 105 Music Appreciation Class. Down load the music series flyer here.

Donations Welcomed
- all concerts are free to the public.

Parking is $2.00. Permits available at parking machines.

Save the date...



December 2 @ 5:15 PM – The Grotto Festival of Lights


December 7 @ 7:00 PM – OMO Holiday Concert, Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro Oregon



Our Roots

The Oregon Mandolin Orchestra is dedicated to bringing the beauty of mandolin music to audiences while providing opportunities for local musicians to perform.

The mandolin was the most popular instrument in America in the early 1900s. That love affair fully bloomed when mandolin orchestras sprang up in cities across the country, enchanting concert-goers with a distinctive collective tinkle of musical rain.

Although tastes shifted over the years, appreciation of the mandolin was rekindled during the Folk Revival of the 60s. This set the stage for the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra, which was founded by Brian Oberlin and Elizabeth Farrell in 2010.

Today, the nonprofit, all-volunteer Oregon Mandolin Orchestra counts two dozen dues-paying members who play mandolin, mandola, mandocello and mandobass – all the varied voices of the mandolin instrument family.  Acoustic guitars and upright string basses occasionally round out the mix.

Our Leadership

Christian McKee, Musical Director, has made music since childhood, playing Suzuki violin as a youngster, and singing in choirs until the age of eighteen. Since then, Christian has toured and performed on the West coast in multiple ensembles on mandolin, mandola and mandocello.


Christian believes that at its best, music is a true conversation amongst the musicians that is shared with the audience and guided by the vision of the composer. Best of all, like any good conversation live music is pleasantly unpredictable and different each time. Christian brings a great deal of enthusiasm to his role as the Orchestra’s musical director, and invites everyone in the Pacific Northwest to enjoy this beautiful music along with us.

If you are interested in performing with the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra, contact Christian at

Brian Oberlin, Musical Director Emeritus, brings with him many years of experience as a professional musician, composer, instructor, and now conductor. He has toured the U.S., performing with several different ensembles, and has taught thousands of students to play mandolin. Brian's perspective on music, composing, performing, and teaching is always fresh and full of energy.


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