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The Orchestra

Since its launch, the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra has put on up to a half-dozen concerts a year, performing everything from Baroque, Romantic and Classical, folk- and swing-inspired pieces to jazz, Tin Pan Alley, novelty songs and Christmas carols.  One of the primary goals of the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra is to provide unique performance and educational opportunities for music enthusiasts of all ages and levels of expertise. The orchestra especially enjoys surprising audiences by nimbly leaping from the likes of Calace and Shostakovich to Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Concerts also regularly feature guest virtuosos from across North America and Europe, showcasing their dazzling talents in solo and ensemble performances.

The orchestra is deeply committed to bringing mandolin music to the communities of the Pacific Northwest.  Concerts have been held in Portland, Vancouver, Hillsboro, Salem, Astoria, Hood River, Pendleton and Ridgefield, Wash. The orchestra has twice played the "Star-Spangled Banner" before Hillsboro Hops baseball games.

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